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27th Dec 2015, 8:50 PM

In other, less happy news, 1) price-gouging, investor-defrauding Thief Executive Officer Martin Shkreli posted bail; and 2) MSV is going into hibernation until April-May 2016.

This concludes the "Second Run" of MSV.

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2nd Jan 2016, 6:23 AM

Cripes, how did I not see this in a timely manner?

I hope this asshole rots in some dark hole... I mean, I know that will never happen, but at least this is SOME kind of comeuppance.

We'll see the boys at good ol' Maerc Security Ventures in a few months, then (assuming something doesn't crack the seal on it before then).

Godspeed, good sir!

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2nd Jan 2016, 6:40 AM

Yeah, I need to focus on cranking out W&L, and fast. My time is running out.

MSV will return when the night is at its darkest and not even the stars can be seen: the Campaigns will be reaching their conventions, W&L will be on hiatus, and I will be moving ten timezones away.

Hope burns.

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